Tuesday, April 23, 2013


Yesterday, we had our introduction to poetry. I have mostly looked at poems through elementary school and we just read them because we enjoyed rimes and limericks. But now that we are older, we are starting to talk about analyzing them and what sets them apart from other writing forms.

We also discussed what poems could be good for or why a writer would choose to write a poem rather than a story or prose. We thought of it as a way to express thoughts in a more emotional way and a way to describe emotions.

Poems can be quite confusing as a lot of them use so much descriptive writing and make it so "deep" that the purpose behind is kind of hidden. So analyzing poetry clarifies the purpose of the piece. Most of us as 8th graders don't like analyzing poetry as the thought of that there has to be something more to it than just the writing annoys me at least.

There is a Swedish song which they don't sing in but they have a melody played by a piano in the background. On top of that, there is a speech from a man called Olof Palme about racism. And he talks about it in a mysterious tone and it sounds very poetic in my opinion.

After analyzing our first poem, I feel that it wasn't too bad. Mr. Raisdana talked about how we are trying figure out what the author of the poem was thinking when writing it. It was alright to try and figure where the breaks in the piece was and how long the stanzas were. We discussed that if the poem was more economical, it leaves more room for inferring what the deeper meaning was.

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