Monday, February 25, 2013

What is the What Opinions

I am finding What is the What to be a decent book that is quite easy to read. I'm not big of a reader so it's nice to see a book that I don't need to force myself through. I find it interesting to see the Lost Boys journey in Sudan/Ethiopia and the US. However I do find the parts in the US to be harder to get through than the parts in Sudan and Ethiopia. After the discussion with Mr. Raisdana, I realized that the journey of the Lost Boys doesn't end when they get to the US. It is the continuation of their journey and is also important to know about. I really like the parts with Valentino in Africa because the Civil War there is a new topic for me and hearing someone's story/experience is quite cool to see. It also also interesting being able to compare the story to the news and other informative writing on the topic. When we follow Valentino through his journey in the US, you can see the different respect they receive as immigrants. An example could be when Valentino is tied up on the ground and asks Michael to help him. Michael just comes up and drops a big book on him. Another could be on page 239 when the officer comes to his house after being robbed. The officer asks a couple questions and when she is about to leave she says "You guys take care now, Okay?" She barely helped him and she doesn't really try to. Overall, I enjoy reading this book but some parts (mostly his story in the US) can be slow to read. But I have learned that the journey of the Lost Boys continues in the US.

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