Monday, February 4, 2013

Blogging is an important part of English

Blogging is a free space which some people think is a great tool for expressing feelings and sharing your thoughts but I don't think it is very important. We are encouraged to use a blog as a space where we can post writing, photos, video, or share just about anything that we want to share. Just because I don't use it doesn't mean I think it isn't useful. It can be useful but I don't think it is very important. The reason I don't blog is because I dislike and find it boring to write. I would probably never write in my free time unless it is a Facebook post or a last minute birthday card. I feel like anything other than writing and reading will be a better way of spending time. Blogs can be useful because you are free to share your thoughts with feedback and opinions from others. Recieving feedback on your writing will help you in the future and improve it. Writing blogs won't only help share your thoughts but it will also act as a practice for your writing. So blogging is useful because it can improve your writing and it is a space where you can write what you want. I don't feel it is important because some people may want to keep their thoughts to themselves. I don't feel like it is important for other people to know how I feel and what I write about because they see me at school so they know how I feel. In conclusion, I think that Blogging is useful and you can benefit from it because it can improve writing but I don't think it is important.

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