Wednesday, November 14, 2012


     Today I started reading Wake by Lisa McMann. I was surprised by this book about how fun it was to read considering I dislike reading. The girl in the book, Janie, gets pulled into dreams constantly and sees things that connect to the people she is close to. She works at a Hospital and she was in a room with a sick old man. She got pulled into his dream of the war.
      I learned that I liked to read books with long but split up chapters. And what I mean by this is that a normal book just has text without gaps. But this book would highlight the date and time before every paragraph so you know what year, day and time she is having these dreams.

10:59 p.m. June 15, 2005
"Janie is curled on a portable stretcher in the east hallway when the roaring gunfire in old Mr. Reed's dream stops abruptly. She blinks, her vision clears slowly, and she sees two Heather Home aides staring down at her." pg. 49

I really liked this piece of writing as she wakes up from the dream she had. The author has a lot of this in her book and I find this being a pretty good transition from a dream instead of just "She wakes up".

As I said before, I was surprised that I was enjoying reading thanks to this book. I read another book called iBoy at my old school and it reminded me a lot about this book in terms of the way it was written.

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