Monday, October 8, 2012

Tomorrow, When the War Began

Today, we went to the library to pick out some books. I chose "Tomorrow, When the War Began" by John Marsden. I chose this book because the librarian made the book appealing to me. She explained that it was a series and what the first book was about. It is about a girl who goes camping with her friend and when she comes back to her home, nothing is there. No one and nothing. I think they are killed because the war had started. I think the book will be about them running around in the war trying to find the parents because they are either killed, taken away, or hiding. I like that the story really builds the scene and adds a lot of detail to the book. A problem that might occur is that I usually get bored of books as I read them but the good thing is this time, If I ever get bored, I have an extra book called Wake. So If I get bored, I will just read that one.

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