Tuesday, October 9, 2012

Bart Simpson-Abnormal Character

Bart Simpson is in my opinion, an abnormal character. He is about 10 years old and has two younger siblings. He is a big trouble maker and does everything to try and seem cool in front of the bullies. Even though he constantly gets in trouble, he never gets punished. His dad isn't necessarily the greatest role model. He is lazy and is hated by everyone except for his best friends. People say "He is the child we have wished to have been and fear our children will become." I'm not as big of a trouble maker as him but I can relate to him. I do get in trouble at home because I do a lot of stupid things at home and I get in trouble at home but I never get punished. I'm like him because I do a lot of crazy stuff. Bart will try various stunts such as jumping from his treehouse into a pool. I like to do crazy and stupid stuff too! He has been one of my favorite characters in my childhood. He was one of my favorites because I could relate to him. He's different like I am.

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