Saturday, September 22, 2012

Chemical Reactivity Reflection

This unit was my favorite unit in all of my years of doing science. But what were three things I learned this unit?

  • I learned about the classification of elements such as Alkali Metals and Noble Gases and where they are situated. Alkali Metals are situated on the far right column and noble gases are located on the far left column. 
  • I learned how to draw a diagram of an atom based on the information given from a Periodic Table.
  • I learned about the two different types of reactions: Endothermic and Exothermic. 
What are three things I will most likely never forget?
  • I will probably never forget how to find the number of protons or neutrons given one of these and the atomic mass. 
  • I will probably never forget the difference between ionic bonds and covalent bonds. 
  • I will probably never forget the different categories in the periodic table.
What is my favorite thing we did this unit? Why?
-Believe it or not, my favorite thing was the chemistry review. I liked it a lot because I really started understanding some things that weren't so clear to me before and I even learned new things about chemistry. 

What is something related to what we studied that I am still curious about?
-I am still curious about chemical reactions and physical reactions. I am curious about how they happen and what reacts with what.

Overall, it was a great unit and I am looking forward to good year in Science. 

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